Everlasting Preservation Systems

New Procedures for the Perpetual Preservation of Human (and Animal) Bodies

Announcing New Procedures for the Environmentally Friendly and Inexpensive Perpetual Preservation of Human (and Animal) Bodies After Death   We are soliciting associates or partners in the further development and marketing of procedures which provide for economical and environmentally friendly perpetual preservation of the human body.  Methods used today as well as those used in the past or so far proposed for the future all seem to suffer from significant disadvantages.  We are developing a new approach (patented) which would greatly simplify what is now a very complicated and usually a very emotionally difficult experience.  Some might ask: why preserve the body at all?  For one thing, some methods of disposing of human remains can result in pollution of the air or ground.  For many it is an unpleasant thought to be burned up or to become food for worms or other organisms producing decay or just assimilation into other animals. Embalming toxins are not permanent and will eventually dissipate into the environment leaving the remains to decay although perhaps initially at a slower rate.  Some people anticipate a literal resurrection for religious reasons and therefore consider disposal of their remains, or the remains of a loved one, a repudiation of their faith.  What are some of the advantages of our proposed methods for preservation and efficient storage of bodies?  For one thing, the body is never “gone”.  It can be easily retrieved for relocation elsewhere.  Since the body is preserved without toxins, it can be available for forensic, genetic, genealogical or other studies which may be of great importance in some cases.  It would be a comforting thought for many that their loved one is not totally gone and that even in the present world, there may be the prospect of literally being physically together again even after death.    What do our procedures involve?   Basically, the methods employed are designed to rapidly produce essentially complete dehydration of the body.  Without water in the tissues of the body no decay is possible.  Dehydration in itself is nothing new.  Dehydrated bodies without other treatment have already been more or less preserved accidentally for millennia.  The ancient Egyptian practice of mummification relied largely on dehydration for its success but it was slow and could not dehydrate and preserve the deep internal tissues of the body without opening the body and actually removing the viscera including the brain for separate “embalming” and dehydration. Recent interest in cryogenic and freeze-drying of bodies illustrate the public’s desire for methods for body preservation but are prohibitively expensive and also suffer from other serious flaws.  The revolutionary aspect of our methods consist of the rapidity of total body dehydration including deep internal parts without opening or traumatizing the remains so that significant decay is quickly precluded.  This results in a markedly lighter and somewhat smaller body.  It also may result in shrinkage of the facial features but this can be prevented by appropriate measures if desired. 

Who are we?  Right now we are only a small group of enthusiasts led by my wife and me.  I am a pathologist with training in physical chemistry and have patented this process.  We firmly believe in the enormous potential of this coming revolution in funeral practices.                                       

Kurt W. Mikat, M.D.

President Everlasting Preservation Systems  

Are you seriously interested in participating in the development and marketing of our approach to this subject?  We are looking for business developers, entrepreneurs, investors, vacuum pump manufacturers, funeral professionals, burial vault and casket manufacturers and others who can see the great potential of what we are trying to do.  We are located in the Orlando, Florida area but hope eventually to become a worldwide agency!  If you are interested in the further development and promotion of our methods, please contact me at: EternalPrsrvtn@aol.com